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7 minutes of SoundScapes                                             

This project is intended to be an invitation to a mental journey through space with the help of music.  During the 7 songs you will be able to experience a transcendental trip between galaxies, nebulae, pleiades, dust clouds and other elements of the universe in a sustained attempt to reach beyond the stars...

Also, you will find some relation to science, numerology and mysticism.  I will offer you the opportunity to discover every secret that lay inside this project and to write me your questions or feedback through my Contact page.

Escape from daily reality with the help of sound. Where? Up there! Between and maybe (why not?) beyond the stars.

7 minutes of SoundScapes

- explained

1.  Step in (Alpha Trance)

This is the first step of our journey... All you have to do is to arrange your sound volume, close your eyes and imagine you are stepping over the clouds, in the unknown infinity of Space...

2. Space Scapes (Alpha Dance)

You made it! You stepped into the Space... Now, all you have to do is to admire the mysterious linearity of space... You are able to see the entire creation... Everything is awesome.... Everything is extremely beautiful... Everything is perfect!

3. Alone in the Dark

You are in space... You admired its beauty and suddenly, you realize that you are the only human being in space... You feel strange... It's like you are... Alone in the Dark....

4. Eternal Expansion

... you felt alone... but, soon you realize that the Universe is manifesting itself in an continuous/eternal expansion... this looks like a a dance... an atomic dance in space...

5. Pleiades

You are traveling through space with the help of sounds... Suddenly, you see Seven Sisters involved in an astral hypnotic dance and you are amazed about what you see and hear... Soon, you will enjoy their dance, because you can not resist... They are the Pleiades...

6. Beyond the Stars

You took a long mental journey through Space with the help of Sounds... You traveled a lot... and you have reached a very distant point... you are... Beyond the Stars...

7. State of Joy (Step out)

Well, every journey has an end... Now, it is time for you to step out from this mind journey and to return to earthly reality... But you come back with something... You are bringing to the Earth some great memories of a beautiful experience and this experience generates a strong feeling... you are in a State of Joy!

Space Journey

A new journey through space, traveling by sound waves.
This project will include a few episodes. Each episode will contain some compilations that will help the listener to make an imaginary trip far beyond our sky...

First episode has been released and can be listened inside the Music