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Keyboard Synthesizers

Yamaha SY 22
 Yamaha CS 1x
 Yamaha DX 27
 Yamaha QS 300
 Roland D-10
  Roland EG 101
  Roland JX-1
 Hohner HS-1
 Novation X-Station
Rack Synthesizers/Sound Modules
Yamaha TG-100
 Yamaha TG 55
 Yamaha FB-01
 Roland U 220
  Roland S 330 (Sampler)
Drum Machines
Korg Super Drums
 Yamaha RX 11
 Bohm Digital Drums
Roland MC 303
 Roland MC 808
 Roland HP 2900G (piano)
 Yamaha Clavinova CLP -20 (piano)
  Executive Audio EQ M31 (equalizer)
 Delson (guitar)
 Blue Tech MB - 1622 (mixer)
 BK - 2432 Stereo mixer
 Work Disco 150 (amplifier)
 Grunding 300 Watt amplifier
 Blue Tech PRO 12 N (speakers)
 Sony CMT-FX 205 (CD/USB player)
 Quelle monitors
 Dell Optiplex GX 520 (computer) with Ubuntu Studio 10.4
 Dell Inspiron N 5030 (laptop) with Ubuntu Studio 12.4
 Software: Ardour, ZynAddSubFx, Muse
Andromeda - Stage 2
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Andromeda - Stage 1
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